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Floating Fountains

Floating Fountains and Floating Aerators are fountain kits that can be easily installed in lakes or ponds, both artificial and natural. Luminous Fountain sells a wide variety of models ranging from 1/2 hp. to 40 hp. providing its own range of manufactured products, and Titan, Select, and Evolution series by Aqua Control.

In addition to its impressive effect on water, it is used for artificial lakes aeration. Without sufficient circulation, a pond becomes stratified with warmer water on the surface and colder, oxygen-depleted water on the bottom. Lack of oxygen increases the anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition of the sludge at the bottom. This decomposition helps to develop nutrients in the pond, which, in turn, increases algae blooms.

Luminous Fountain produce floating fountains with the finest quality of materials. Floatation consists of individual air tested roto-cast polypropylene sections joined together with a stainless steel frame and all stainless steel fasteners. The individual sections make it easy to level and set the unit at the proper height in the water.

Luminous Fountain are used to bring action and beauty to lakes and ponds. Floating fountains are the only practical answer where a variable water level exists. They can also help maintain water quality through aeration. All of our floating fountain designs begin in research and development go through extensive production, inspection, installation and finally, testing to ensure our products meets your specific needs.

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