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Interior Fountains

Make a Statement with an Interior Water Fountain

Indoor fountains bring a soothing ambiance and beauty to any home or business. Whether you're looking for a wall mounted, floor standing or tabletop model, Luminous Fountain's water features are sure to add value and beauty. We carry indoor fountains are made by leading manufacturers such as Sunnydaze, Kenroy Home, Alpine, HoMedics and Adagio to enhance any residential or commercial setting. You can see by many of the lifestyle images of our products that fountains truly to add a beautiful decorative beauty to any room.

Water Features for the Home

Indoor waterfalls and fountains bring a special ambiance to any room they are placed. One of the many benefits is the soothing water sounds it creates helping to melt away the stresses of your day and relax you. An interior water fountain can also help spruce up the decor of any room by adding beauty that compliments your home. Interior Designers have been using water features like fountains and waterfalls for years inside homes. Water makes people come together and truly provides a sense of calmness. You'll never want to turn your fountain off and your new decor will make whatever room it is placed the favorite room in the house! Whether a small indoor fountain or a large interior waterfall, you will be amazed at how striking it will be in your home!

A couple benefits of these indoor water fountains is that they are electric so you can plug them in anywhere and they will run 24/7 using very little electricity and you can enjoy them all day and evening. Essentially all indoor water fountains come as "kits", everything you need is included except the water so put them together (minimal assembly), fill them up and plug them in to any electrical outlet. An added plus is that any tabletop fountain and most floor standing models are portable so you can move them from room to room or tabletop to desk with ease.

Dress Up Your Space with Decorative Water Fountains

Decorative water fountains from Luminous Fountain are a beautiful way to add ambiance and calmness to a room. They can add interest, invite investigation or become the focal point. In commercial settings, they create an impressive statement, and can even be customized with a business’s logo. Our home water fountains include large floor-standing fountains, wall-hanging fountains and small tabletop fountains that represent the best in soothing waterfall décor. Larger commercial fountains make a striking appearance in office buildings and hotel lobbies.

When outside, large fountains can embellish patios, porches and garden plots. Small ones can rest on tables or be nestled among your favorite flowers. When solar-powered, they can even be used in niches of your garden where it is impractical to run a power line. A water fountain can even attract more birds and butterflies to your yard. Wherever you put your water feature, it will help melt away the stress of visitors while making a strong style statement.

Our fountains are both made from natural materials such as stone and slate, along with metals and resins that look wonderful for decades at a time. Many water fountains can be customized with river rocks, LED lights, material choice and even an engraved company logo. Everything is included for assembly and operation, including an electric recirculating pump and filter. Just add water!

We’re More Than Just a Water Fountain Store

At Luminous Fountain, we understand the benefits of water features and provide you with a complete selection of fountains for any style of decor. Browse through these beautiful fountains and improve your home, office or outdoor space today.

Additionally, we stock Water Fountain Cleaning Agents, Care Products, and Replacement Parts and Pumps. If need be, just give us a call and if we don’t have it we will help you find who does.

Water Features for Commercial or Public Settings

Placing an interior fountain in a business can truly add value and change the look of a room in an instant. One of the benefits of having a beautiful water feature in a lobby, office or reception area is that it gives your client or customer one more thing to remember you by. Designers love using water features indoors because they truly draw attention, they are beautiful and soothing so they can really create the ambiance of a room and make customers feel at ease. Another added value is placing your company logo or a tagline on the fountain and you have a secondary way to advertise your business and keep people talking. You will be surprised how much attention an indoor water fountain can bring to your business and how it truly makes a calming atmosphere to staff and clients.

Be sure to see our entire selection of outdoor water fountains as well to accent your patio and garden area. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a price match guarantee and free shipping on orders over $50. Contact our staff with ordering questions or special requests

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