Intractive Fountains

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Intractive Fountains

Also called "zero grade" fountains, these projects have no visible pool of water. Projects divide themselves into fresh water and recirculating designs:

Fresh Water

If you have only a few sprays, light usage or water is inexpensive a fresh water system may be the best choice. There is usually no pumping equipment involved as the operating pressure is obtained from the water source. There is no filtration and purification as the water is run off to a drain. In some applications the water may be reused for irrigation purposes.


Over recent years the requirements for recirculating systems have become somewhat extensive. These include chlorinators with data loggers, full time UV purification, holding tanks for increased chlorine dwell time and spray velocity restrictions.

Atlantic Fountains offers component packages including zero grade nozzles, LED lights, pumps, filtration and purification equipment and controls.

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